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Rome Vacation Travel Guide

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Travel Agents For Your Vacation

Travel AgentsThere are numerous advantages of planning your vacation with the help of a travel agent. Travel agents, or travel consultants have experience not only about the location, but know the important things that one should take care of when traveling to a certain destination. With their expertise and experience, you can obtain access to free travel tips like airline tips, hotel tips, how you can save money on airfare, insurance tips, international traveling tips, budget location tips, and so much more. The travel consultants have links, contacts, and the resources required to plan a holiday within an individual’s budget and provide you the help you need in case of an emergency. They can provide you with the right airline traveling tips and different packages that are within your budget. Many travel agents offer the package that has everything from toll taxes to airfare. You should consider using the following travel tips in order to find the best travel agent.

Agents are still a vital part of the industry. Since the internet has revolutionized the industry many people have taken to making their own arrangements. An agent still provides valuable time saving, money saving convenience and personal attention that you just can’t get from your computer. Here’s how using an agent can help you have the best experience.

They save you time.

You can spend hours searching for the right place at the right time and the right price. Who has that kind of time? An agent does the work and has the insight to match the travel with the appropriate needs. This is especially helpful when the itinerary is complex. Agents have the expertise to efficiently find the perfect arrangements for you.

They save you money.

An agent will help to get you the best value for the money. They also have access to pricing and package deals that are not available to the public. They are connected directly to the resorts, cruise lines and hotels so they can get the first and best for you.

They offer personalized service.

Agents offer a personal touch to your planning by offering help and advice that a website cannot provide. An agent can prepare you a personalized trip based on where you want to go and what you want to do. If you’re not sure about that, an agent can provide you with suggestions based on your interests.

They lessen your stress.

Traveling away from home means many details have to be looked after. To avoid the headaches, agents can handle every aspect of your trip from airline tickets to lodging, ground transportation, car rental, activities, tours, passport and visa requirements and more.

They are experts.

Like other professionals, agents keep up in their field and have ready access to the most current information and trends. At their fingertips is the latest information from airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, visas, and other services .

Airline Traveling Tips

When a travel consultant is helping you organize a trip, then you should keep in mind that you can obtain tickets on a discounted price from numerous airlines. These travel consultants have links with airlines and can help you get a discount on the purchase of tickets.

Hotel Traveling Tips

If you would like to avoid having to face any last minute issues, then you should ask your travel agent to book your hotels in advance. Book hotels at all the places that you are going to visit so you have a place to go to when you get there. Also, it would be wise to book a hotel ahead of time because hotels charge a lot of money when they see a traveler who is desperate for a room.

Tips for Senior Citizens

Travel agents can help you organize a group tour for different vocational and age groups. Group tours are cheaper and safer, especially if you are a traveling senior. The advantage of group tours is that you will not feel alone on the trip. You will make great friends throughout the trip. Travel agents fix a schedule for group tours, so a number of destinations are covered up easily and within your budget.

Historical Visits

Travel agents can employ a guide for the travelers to explain different historical monuments of a destination to the tourists. Your visit will be made memorable if you leave the country knowing about its past heritage visiting monuments around the destination. The best part is that you do not have to pay for the guide all by yourself because the cost is spread over the entire group!

To sort out the many options, agents help you to make the best possible arrangements. The next time you want to go on a trip, instead of turning on the computer use your phone to call your travel agent.

Enable Yourself to Travel

When it comes to travel, we all want a piece of the pie. Seeing more of the world has many benefits associated with it that make all but universally appealing. Seeing the beauty of natural vistas and the width and breadth of human civilization is awe inspiring and are the birth right of all of us human beings. However, many of us have extenuating circumstances that make it difficult or impossible for us to see the world. That’s unfortunate, but all is not lost. Many problems that may prevent us from traveling can be solved or, at least, alleviated in order for us to travel like we want. Here are some suggestions.

If money is your concern, you have a couple options. First of all, you can save a small portion of each paycheck in a separate bank account. If you add to this what you can when you can, you’ll eventually have enough to splurge on the trip of your choice. This approach takes time and discipline, but it’s a sure fire way to eventually take that trip you’ve always wanted. Another way is to work online so that you can work on the road, so to speak. It won’t make the trip any more or less affordable in the moment, but it will allow you to get away without sacrificing work time.

Another factor that often precludes travel is health and fitness. You’re going to want to be in top shape to make the most of travel, so there are steps you can take to make that happen. Reshaping your diet and exercising are musts, of course, but you can also expedite the process with the help of or other fitness programs. You’ll be travel ready in no time with enough hard work and discipline.

Tips in Choosing Villa in Bali


Do you love your family? Do you want to have the great experience with your family? If yes, it means that you should do any kinds of activity for making the good experience with your beloved family. We know that family are the most important things in our life. No matter what kind of condition that we face, family will always be with us. They will always be with us and accompany us in any kinds of condition. If you want to have the good relation with your family, you need to remember that you can prepare for the quality time with them.

Actually, there are many kinds of activities that you can do for having the good experiences with your beloved family. If you want to have the great experiences with them, why do not you prepare for having the family trip? You can go traveling with your beloved family in no matter the place is. You can have the great moment with them to share and it will be so much exciting to have the great experiences with your family. Are you interested to have the perfect experiences with your family? You can try to choose a place for your family. Let’s say you want to visit Bali. Then, you need to prepare for any kinds of aspects for your holiday there. You need to prepare for any kinds of aspects like the accommodation, the hotels, and also the itinerary.

For the accommodation like the flights, you can try to book the flights several months before the departure. You can try to book the flight in the low season so that you will have the cheaper price for the flight. Then, for the hotel, it will be depended on the need. If you bring many members of your family, why do not you prepare to have the villa for the staying? There are many villas in sanur bali that you can choose. For having the good villa to book, try to visit the online reservation of hotels. There are many kinds of hotels that you can choose and you can visit. You will have the great and wonderful experience in Bali if you can choose the villa for your temporary staying there. Besides, you also will have the great experience to share with your beloved family. So far, what are you waiting for any longer time? This is the right choice and time for you to have the incredible experience with your family.

Tips for Traveling with Child

Getting ready for a family vacation with a baby? Many things can make the trip a more enjoyable experience, depending on the age of the child. Of course, if the baby is still in diapers then having a good supply of diapers and baby wipes is a necessity. Bottled water for drinking and for rinsing out cups is a plus. Snacks, the healthy sugar free variety are also a necessity, and pillows and blankets to make the child comfortable during the long ride.

If your baby is old enough to pay attention, then travel games, coloring books, and toys that are quiet enough to avoid driving you crazy can be helpful. Also a travel DVD player that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter for power will allow the child to watch a favorite video, keeping him or her occupied and more comfortable. Read along books for children are handy as well. These books have recordings the children listen to while looking at the pictures and the words underneath, teaching reading skills at a very young age. Possibly the most important tip would be making a schedule and setting realistic driving times each day. Adults can handle longer spans of time in the car than children can, and especially babies. Try not to spend more than eight hours a day driving, and have rest stops every couple of hours to stretch legs, and get outside in the fresh air.

Jill is a mother of two who has fond memories of traveling with her children as babies and toddlers. She tells many stories of trips to the lake, the park, the beach and even to Disneyland, bringing her small children along and says that the experience wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable for her or her husband if the children had stayed home. She does however, recommend thoughtful planning. “Story books were great. I read to the kids while my husband drove, and that kept them occupied. It also often makes them sleepy and led them to frequent nap times.” Jill also recommends coloring books so that the kids can amuse themselves. Ditto for the sugar free snacks. You won’t want to get the children running in overdrive on a sugar rush. But children do get hungry frequently, so keeping a good supply of crackers, fruit snacks and other things the kids enjoy will make the trip more enjoyable.

It helps travelers, that so many rest stops these days, have baby changing stations in both men’s and women’s rest rooms. This allows both parents to handle the child changing chores, and eases traveling tensions.
Jill’s friend and neighbor Sally also remembers traveling with very small children, and offers this advice: “Baby wipes. Have lots and lots of baby wipes. You never know when you’ll need them. And be sure that you make rest stops every hour or two. The kids will get a bit cranky and stopping for fifteen minutes can make a world of difference. Also, be sure to bring animal crackers, graham crackers or some other sort of snack, and bottles of water or fruit juice to wash it down with. Keeping a child fed with keep a child happy.”

Traveling with a very young child can be a challenge. If you have friends with older children, ask them what they did to ease the stress of the rip with traveling with the children in earlier years. It always helps to learn from someone else’s experiences. Also, ask your own parents what they did when you were a baby, and how they handled traveling situations. It also doesn’t hurt to check out the local public library for parenting magazines and books. Being a parent is a very responsible job and learning from others is only wise. However, traveling with your baby or other young child will provide you with a great deal of enjoyment. If you take a camera or video camcorder you’ll be able to record the trip for future memories, and have stories to tell for years to come. So enjoy traveling with your baby, but be sure to plan ahead.

Top Holiday Travel Destination

Despite the high cost of fuel and other travel expenses, an estimated 63.5 million Americans are planning to travel at least 50 miles or more from home this Christmas and New Year. Hotel rates are up nearly 15% at some popular destinations, yet bookings are full or nearly full.
So where do all of these people plan to go?

Domestic Destinations
According to AAA of the United States, here are the top destinations based on the number of bookings for each location.

Orlando is the top destination for fairly obvious reasons but Ft. Lauderdale is also in the top ten. Florida offers a wealth of activities and options for families, singles, and all types of traveler. Perennial favorite Disney World will attract hundreds of thousands of visitors between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, while other Florida attractions like Gatorland, Kennedy Space Center, and the Everglades will also be popular. It is also common for the beaches of Ft. Lauderdale to be filled with vacationers during the holiday season, which is second only to spring break in terms of number of tourists.

It is not too late to check out some of the great last minute deals throughout Florida. With a little research and a willingness to be flexible, you can still enjoy Florida this holiday season.

California has three cities in the top ten travel destinations this holiday season — Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. All three offer a wide range of activities for tourists of all ages, and the generally pleasant December weather in California makes it a favorite place for vacationers from colder climates in need of sunshine.
The Los Angeles area is the gateway to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, two extremely popular amusement parks. Just a short drive to the south and east is San Diego, a relaxing area that is home to a laid-back lifestyle of beaches, surfing, and shopping.

If an urban experience is more to your liking, opt for San Francisco, where you can enjoy international culture, a ride on the famous cable cars, a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge, and a winding trip down Lombard Street, touted as the “crookedest street” in the world.
Other great holiday escapes
Some of the other most popular holiday escapes in the United States include New York City, Chicago, Boston,

Nashville and Las Vegas.
The holidays are legendary in New York City, with ice-skating in Central Park and the elegant decorations around Rockefeller Center. In Chicago, visitors flock to the Navy Pier Winter Wonderfest as well as the famous holiday window display at Marshall Field’s department store. You can’t beat Boston, though, for a traditional New England holiday vacation. Check out the Prudential Center Christmas Tree, walk the Freedom Trail of historic Revolutionary War era sites, or do something entirely different and take Boston Duck Tour on a World War II era amphibious vehicle.

Looking for something a bit different? Consider Las Vegas for the holidays, where the abundance of holiday lights dwarfs even the normal profusion of neon and color. Every casino along the strip works to outdo the others with lights and decorations, with some of the most amazing displays located at Caesars Palace, the Bellagio and the Monte Carlo.
One of the most relaxed holiday destinations in the U.S. is Nashville, home to the “down home country Christmas” festivities at the Opryland Resort and Grand Ole Opry as well as special holiday programs at the Country Music Hall Of Fame. Nashville’s historic homes are also dressed up for the holidays, so think about taking a bus tour of the city to enjoy the spectacular lights and decorations.

International Destinations
International travel is always popular around the holidays, and Americans are flocking to destinations all over the globe this holiday season.

It is icy and cold across much of the northern United States, but summer in Australia! For cultural attractions and urban festivities, tourists stop in Melbourne and enjoy some Christmas Carols at the Myer Music Bowl, or visit the famed Opera House in Sydney.

Since Christmas falls at the beginning of summer in Australia, many holiday visitors spend their vacation at a spectacular beach location such as Shark Bay, where diving enthusiasts can swim with dolphins and sharks, or along the Queensland Gold Coast, an area with over 30 kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches plus great restaurants, shopping, and an ever-present nightlife.

If you want a truly amazing holiday experience, go to Australia’s Christmas Island, a pristine island that is largely a National Park and home to amazing plants and animals. You can scuba dive with whale sharks, enjoy the peace and quiet of a bird watching excursion, or seek adventure with a sport fishing trip in search of sailfish, tuna and wahoo.

This is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean, offering an amazing array of food, activities, and traditional holiday celebrations. Corsica is famous for its hospitality and beautiful lands, so it definitely belongs on your “short list” of exotic holiday getaways.

Corsica is home to varied landscapes, ranging from sparkling beaches and Mediterranean ocean reserves to towering mountains and nature parks. Traditional holiday festivals include the renowned Fiera di a Castagna, or Chestnut Fair. This annual event attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year, who are treated to arts, crafts, food and entertainment related to one of the islands main products, the chestnut. It is a holiday tradition for tourists from across the European continent, and well worth exploring on your holiday vacation.

United Kingdom
For a unique holiday experience, check out the United Kingdom this year. It is a perennially popular spot due to the many places of historical significance as well as culture and the arts. In London itself, you can see Parliament, visit the Tower of London, hear the sounds of Big Ben chiming the time, or ride a famed double Decker bus all around the city.
Visit Windsor Castle, the largest inhabited castle in the world and home to the British Sovereign for 900 years. You can tour this magnificent structure, getting a taste of the history and tradition of the British monarchy. When the Queen is in residence, you will see her standard flying high atop the round tower, visible from all directions as you enter the town.

If something sweeter is more to your liking, venture to Birmingham’s own Cadbury World, known as the chocolate paradise. There you can learn all about the famous Cadbury Chocolates, enjoy samples, and watch how the chocolates are made, wrapped and packed. Father Christmas is on site throughout the holidays, greeting children of all ages with a present of their very own.

Top Tourist Attractions In Paris

If you are visiting Paris for the first time, you might be overwhelmed when planning your itinerary and deciding which attractions to visit and in what order. Let’s take a look at the top attractions in Paris that are a must see when planning your visit.

First you’ll want to visit the Eiffel Tower. This icon of Paris is located at Eiffel Tower Champs de Mars. Admission to the tower is 10,70 Î . The phone number is 33 (0) 1 44 11 23 23. The Eiffel Tower was built in 1899 and was originally supposed to be a temporary symbol for the 1899 World’s Fair. If you really want to be “wowed” by this structure, visit it in the evening, as the lights of Paris are a breath taking view from the top floor. The tower includes restaurants and shopping. Tickets to the second floor and the top floor can be purchased at the information office at the base of the tower. Expect to wait for the elevator and expect to be a little confused by its configuration. Even with these slight inconveniences, a trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the magnificent Paris icon – the Eiffel Tower.

After visiting the Eiffel Tower, your next stop in Paris should be the Muse du Louvre. Admission is 8,50 euros. The phone number is +33 1 40 20 53 17. You may want to plan to visit the Louvre more than once during your trip, as it is impossible to see the entire 30,000 piece collection in the world’s largest museum. The Louvre was built in 1200 and in the 1500s became the royal family’s palace. The Louvre was opened as a museum in 1793. In the 1980s, glass pyramids were built to serve as the entrance and are a fantastic sight. Once inside the museum, be sure to stop at the information desk first to pick up a free map and to get the schedule of the 90 minute guided tours being offered that day. The museum can be confusing even with the map and a guided tour is recommended. The Louvre is broken up into three wings: Richelieu, Sully and Denon. Within these three wings, the museum is then divided into nine collections: the History of the Louvre and Medieval Louvre, Oriental Antiquities, Arts os Islam, Egyptian Antiquities, Sculptures, Objects d’art, Paintings, Prints and Drawings, and Arts of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. Photography is allowed at the museum so don’t forget your camera.

The next stop on your tour of Paris, France should be the Notre Dame Cathedrale located at 6 place du Parvis Notre-Dame. The Cathedrale Notre-Dame was built in 1163 but was not completed until the 14 th century. This is a very historical sight in Paris. Napoleon crowned himself emperor here and General de Gaulle gave thanks here when the Germans freed Paris. One thing to be wary of is that the Cathedrale is under restoration construction and part of it may be unobservable.

Next on the tour is Basilique du Sacre-Coeur located at 35, rue du Chevalier-de-la-Barre. The phone number is +33 1 53 41 89 00. The main reason for visiting this church that sits atop a large hill just past Montmarte’s main square is to take in the amazing view of Paris that this location offers. While in the area be sure to walk around the streets of Montmartre’s Place du Tertre. It is almost as if this area has been frozen in time and remains very similar to the time when Van Gogh resided here.

Locate And Find The Best Travel Deal

Nowadays everybody is looking for cost-effective travel deals. There are many websites which offer handsome discounts on travel. Number of people who are booking their travel on the internet is growing every year. With the help of modern services available online you can find travel packages very easily. You can find cheap travel deals to all exotic destinations of the world at the comfort of your home. It is a good idea to go through all the travel websites before buying a travel deal.

Travel websites not only offer tickets but also provide all other resources which you will need during your travel. With the help of some websites you can compare prices of different airline companies and travel firms. In this way you can find the best travel deal which suits your budget. It is a good idea to select various travel components from different resources. By following some useful tips you can make your dream holiday reality. It is very important to set a budget before you start searching for deals.
A regular travel package includes booking of a hotel, flight, cruises and car hire. You can also look for last minute packages. These types of packages can help you to save some money. Last minute deals are always perfect for weekend gateways. If you will spend some time, you can enjoy the perfect travel deal available in the market.

Finding the best travel deal is not a difficult job if simple tips are followed. So what you are waiting for? Do not delay and start finding a travel package according to your requirements and budget.

Outdoor Cooking Equipment

If you are looking for outdoor cooking equipment, but are not sure what you need, look no further. There are units out there that serve multiple cooking purposes. These units come by many names, but they can help you cook whatever you’re heart desires.

These versatile cookers will allow you to grill, smoke, stew or deep fry anything all with one outdoor cooking appliance. You can use charcoal or propane, depending on what you are doing. They can be a gas grill, gas smoker, charcoal grill, charcoal smoker, or gas cooker and deep fryer. What more could you ask for? You can take it on a picnic and charcoal grill a steak. You can take it tailgating with a propane tank and deep fry chicken wings or stew up some chili. You can stay at home and smoke a brisket using propane or charcoal, whatever your preference.

If you are limited on space, have a small back yard, or a small area to store equipment while traveling, an outdoor cooker like this is a must have. Most of these units tend to be cylindrical, so they take up less space than a traditional propane grill. They are bulkier than a table top propane grill, but you can’t deep fry or smoke things with a table top grill. Using a unit like this can open up whole new world of menu options for the camp ground, tailgating, or even your own patio.

If you like to cook all different kinds of food, and you love to cook outdoors, why not find a unit that can perform multiple tasks? There is no reason why you should have to settle for just a grill, or just a BBQ smoker. Every outdoor chef needs to have the choice to cook whatever they want, when they want. Why be limited when you can do so many things with a cooker that does it all in one?

Holiday Air Travel Parking Tips

We all know that the holiday season – that period between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day each year – is the busiest and most stressful for airline travelers around the globe. Everyone wants to get home to see their family, often traveling with young children, and patience runs thin while stress and frustration top the charts. Of course, there are lots of tips for making holiday travel easier, cheaper, and more relaxed but have you thought about how airport parking options can help?

Wonder no more! Here are the top five holiday air travel parking tips.

1. Use an Offsite Parking Lot

Cheaper, less crowded, and more apt to get to you the departure gate on time, offsite parking lots eliminate a lot of stress when you arrive at the airport. Airport lots are closer, but often you end up walking halfway across the asphalt before you ever spy a shuttle to take you to the terminal. And the odds of finding a spot close to the terminal entrance? Slim to none. Quit spending precious minutes looking for the perfect spot, then waiting for a shuttle while keeping an eye on your kids and a hand on your luggage. Offsite parking is one of the best kept secrets of savvy travelers.

2. Reserve Your Space

Another benefit of using offsite parking is that you can make a reservation ahead of time. This ensures that the lot can accommodate your vehicle and also gives the proprietor a better idea of how many shuttles they need to run, and when. Reserving your space also saves time since the vendor will already have all your pertinent information on file when you check in. Get in and get out quickly!

3. Condense Your Luggage

The fewer pieces of luggage you have, the less you’ll have to pay – and worry about. With tight airline restrictions, weight limits, and extra baggage checks, the fewer pieces you carry, the better. Check the airline’s rules and regulations before packing so you’re not surprised by extra fees at check-in. It may be cheaper, and less stressful, to ship holiday gifts rather than put them in your suitcase.

4. Plan For Extra Time

Even if you use an offsite parking service, the holiday travel season is incredibly busy. Add an extra half hour to the time you need to arrive at the airport in order to accommodate any possible parking/transportation delays.

5. Make Safety Your Number One Priority

During the holidays there are more thefts than ever from airport parking lots. Another advantage of offsite parking is the added security. The facilities are well-lit, completely fenced, and provide 24/7 surveillance for your safety. Nothing can ruin a holiday trip quicker than theft or damage to your vehicle so ensure you are parking in a safe and secure location.

Airports are extremely busy during the holidays but if you make the right decision regarding your parking options, you are bound to enjoy a more stress-free trip.